have a perpetual commitment to protect and keep your information confidential. We ensure that your shopping experience is safe, private and secured at all times. Personal information that you give us upon purchase are kept to ourselves for order fulfillment purposes only except when you ask us to share it or if the law requires us to divulge your information.

What Information do we collect?

Personal Information

  • Our collection of information is limited to your name, address (billing and shipping), phone number and email address only; these are vital information for the successful fulfillment of your order. Your complete credit card number are not stored, only the last 4 digits remains in our record for future reference.


  • We also collect “cookies” from your browsing device, this helps us keep track of your preferences. This also minimizes the time it takes you to log in, or search the same model thus, improving your accessibility to our site. It leaves history of your searches and preferences.
  • Cookies enables us to assist you better by telling us your preferences and thus, enabling us to target your interests and enhance your shopping experience.

General Product Warranty and Policy Information

  • All of the items listed on our site are available for purchase, in stock, and ready to ship.
  • All our items are guaranteed 100% authentic with original packaging, manual(s) and with serial / manufacturer’s number intact.
  • We check all our items prior to shipping.
  • We provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buyers’ satisfaction is the top priority at If, there would be any discrepancies or if, for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase you may contact us for assistance or simply fill out the return form in our website and generate an RMA number. If, you opt to return the item please make sure it remain in its UNUSED, UNWORN condition and in its original packaging. To speed up the process from our end please send us a copy of your invoice and provide us a note for the reason of return, your best contact number and your return address if necessary (for replacement, exchange or repair option).

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